What if I told you all you need to build your fitness base are dumbbells and the power that's already in you?

My high-achieving friend, it’s true! If you’ve been struggling to get your workout program on track, exhale a deep sigh of relief and imagine…

…you feel stronger, more optimistic, energetic and adventurous…

…your clothes fit better and your body moves with ease…

…you’re a better partner, colleague, business owner, leader, mom, friend…

….you no longer feel overwhelmed by your workout program…

…you’re (GASP!) looking forward to exercise because you’re seeing results, the plan is made for you and those muscles are poppin’ in the mirror…

Still here? THIS ALL CAN HAPPEN FOR YOU! Build Your Base - a completely DIY home fitness course - is everything you need to master consistency and feel stronger!

First, I gotta let you in on a secret: Not that long ago, I was off the rails unhealthy.

This program is ALL the steps I wish I had when I started my fitness journey! I was 40lbs overweight, inactive, discouraged and couldn’t run a block. I felt like everything in my life was going well…except how I took care of my body. Little did I know that getting my body in shape would enhance every single aspect of my life and I’d find myself living a life I couldn’t have dreamt up then!

You ready to dive in?

This brand new, do-it-yourself course is available at a reduced price to help you set up your home workout habits during COVID-19.

All modules: MOTIVATION,  FOUNDATIONS and CONSISTENCY are available immediately!

Build Your Base is for you if:

You aren’t comfortable strength training but you're ready to learn!

You’re a high achiever but workout consistency gets pushed to the bottom of the list.

You want to grow your strength and positive self talk but don’t know how.

You’re not sure how anybody fits workouts into a busy life!

You yearn to be stronger and have your clothes fit better but it's super overwhelming!

You know improving your health will improve the life of everyone around you.

You crave a step-by-step guided system, (with checklists!) to finally get your health habits in check!

Grab this program now for
 (actual value $1350!)

but really, isn't YOUR HEALTH priceless?

If you made it this far, we’re a match! Let’s check out what you’re gonna get:

Course Curriculum

What's included?

25 Videos
19 PDFs
1 Download
Katie Hunt
Katie Hunt
ACSM Personal Trainer

Let's get to know each other!

I want to get to know you and I live by the GO FIRST rule, so here’s the scoop on me:

Ten years ago I was inactive, a smoker, a binge drinker, overweight, unhappy at work and just found out my boyfriend was cheating. Fresh out of hope, I felt the type of low where you’re just unsure if getting out of bed is possible. Social situation seems impossible without alcohol and nothing lit me up.

Late one night, I ordered Chalene Johnson’s TURBO JAM. Her workouts and positivity saved my life. Chalene’s supportive style made me feel good when I could only do 5 minutes. I was never an athlete (although I did love the parallel bars and doing cartwheels). All my life, I was the chubby kid who dodged the volleyball in gym class, skipped gym because of my 'period' and was embarrassed to change my clothes in the locker room. 

I lived 26 years never knowing my strength, or the exhilarating things I’d be able to do when I gained mindset and muscle skills!

Fast forward to today: Mindset & Muscle Makeovers are my jam!

I simplify fitness into doable ACTIONS.

I’ve helped thousands of people turn scattered to synergy with short, effective workouts, challenge groups and mindset motivation. 

My team is full of bright, high achievers, who use my programs to fuel their lives! They unlock energy that radiates to work, families, lovers, friends, athletic performance, hobbies, social life…everything!!

Let's join forces! I can't wait to see what you do!

xo, Katie